.:: March Blog Feature ::.

The days of March have arrived, bringing to you in another exclusive beauty editorial under the sun.
A touch of chiffon, a whiff of the summer breeze.
The third month has arrived to embrace you with its golden touch,
like chocolate against vibrant caramel dreams carrying you away to another world of :
~ **SUMMER GLAM : Escape to Paradise** ~
This will be one shoot that I will never forget! Our initial plans of shooting along the coast of Karamubunai beach was dampened when a smart-ass security drove us away, saying we had no permission to shoot on their land. But the show must go on, so we had to move to another location!
Rasa-ria Resort was the closest alternative and unfortunately we lost a lot of time while losing the sunset - one of the essential elements for this shoot. Hence resulting in the low key images you see here. Looks like we had to make it work due to our busy schedules.
Going back to the model, this time I had the opportunity to work with Katy C. Kana who hails from Labuan.
The first time I saw her I automatically had this urge to approach her to do a photoshoot!
Personally I feel that she has a unique & exotic Brazillian look & basically this entire shoot was inspired by her beauty.
Here are her before & after the makeover :
The idea for her Summer Glam makeup was to appear as natural as possible while having a hint of glam to her overall look. So to start of I corrected her skin using concealer then used a lot of moisturizer to achieve that dewy effect - as if she wasn't wearing any foundation.
I then proceeded to enhance her lovely eyes by giving them a darker shade together with several coats of mascara.
I channeled in warm tones of gold, brown & bronze to give out that earth toned feel and played around with a lot of shimmery textures around the eyes & cheeks. Lips were kept to a minimal sheen.
To even make the concept alive I decided to make a sheer chiffon dress which you can see in this shoot!.
After finally hunting down the material in 1B, I was finally able to put my imagination into my first ever fashion piece. Yay!!
A swimsuit is worn underneath the dress which has a plunging neckline & a slit in front. I did this dress in a few hours without edging & Katy was kind enough to help me complete the finishing touches~
Here are more pics taken by Roy Ajin & Masdi!
Credits to the people who made this shoot possible!!
Art Direction & Concept : Jeffie Jeff
Photography : Roy Ajin @ Roy2lips
Assisted by : Masdi & Jollence
Hair & Makeup : Jeffie Jeff
Model : Katy C. Kana
Wardrobe : J's Collection [ jeffray_rulez@yahoo.com ]