Another Shining Moment : Miss Oriental 2009

Concluding the last installation for the Miss Oriental pageant is the finals which was held on the 29th of March.
And to top things off, hair & makeup was to be judged before the competition *cringe!* Just to see who did the best job in all 4 categories.
For those who are not in the local KK scene, my contestant was Kim Stan who happens to also be my childhood friend.
Here are her before & after shots :
All makeup artists were to use hair & makeup products using L'oreal as they were one of the major sponsors of the event.
My concept for this final round was to make her makeup less harsh but more defined especially around the eyes.
Hair was curled and then styled according to her outfit for each round.
Upon completion, each makeup artist was to bring their model(s) to the judging room to be scrutinized. A panel of 6 judges consisting of the press, the editor for Breeze magazine, Malaysia's top model & a top hairstylist was there to evaluate each of the makeup artist's work. I personally hate judging but I'm glad that I had the experience to undergo it.
Here are pics from the event.
Special thanks to all photographers whose pics that I posted here!
Despite some minor disputes regarding hairstyles, I simply let her hair down as Kim personally insisted on having it that way.
Here are the scenes from her 2nd round : Swimwear!
Kim in her final round outfit - Chinese Cheong Sam
Winning her 1st award for the evening : Miss popular title
Next came the results for the beauty Hair & Makeup category. Makeup artists were all lined up on stage with their contestants for the results and here were the judges' desicions :
Best Creative Hairdo - Mr. Janie
Best Hairdo - Mr. Wedy Aning
Best Creative Makeup - Mr. Boyd Petrus
Best Makeup - Mr. Jeff ( ME! )

I sure didn't expect to win as I was up against so many veteran makeup artist who have been in the field for several decades.
I was announced last and it was all a blur when I went center stage to receive my award. The paparazzi's flashes where everywhere and everyone was screaming like crazy!
It absolutely was a precious moment for me to remember.
The winning moment with the winners
( L-R : Pearl Dianne, Kim Stan, Crystel Majimbun )

Backstage with last year's winner of the Miss Oriental - Kimmy Majalap.
( Makeup done by Mr. Boyd Petrus )
Another precious moment with my contestant who is now thw Miss Oriental 2009!Congratulations girl! I so proud of you & I am glad that all our hard work paid off.
Inside the L'oreal Makeup Goodie Bag!
Tho I'm not a huge fan of L'oreal but I'm equally happy for receiving all these stuff.
( being interviewed after the award )
I am equally blessed for the judges confidence in my talent and for choosing me to garner the Best Makeup Award. Time for me to work harder!