Makeup for 2nd Heat - Miss Oriental

The theme for the 2nd heat was Miss Oriental goes to China.
Instantly I had the inspiration to do a 1920s Shanghai beauty on Kim to fit into the whole scheme of things.
Here are her before & after shots :
This time I wanted to set the notch up a little higher by giving her a much more dramatic effect to her makeup as it were in the golden days of Shanghai.
Intense eyeliner, smokier choices of eyeshadow as well as a deep luscious red lip color was done to achive the desired effect.
Here are more shots of the behind the scene action
This time her straight locks were given a loose wave to give her that old world charm, reminisent of those vintage pinup girls found on mooncake boxes.
Here is Diane, another one of my contestant who I did makeup & hair for.
More pics of Kim in action during the pageant.
She was indeed a crowd favourite and that night she was awarded a subsidary title of Miss Congeniality based on her personal interpretation of Confucious' words of wisdom.
Together with Miss Pearl who won the Miss Cheongsam title.
Thanks to all the photographers pic used in this post!!
Good luck to Kim for the finals!!