Fashion Editorial for Mandy Nandu

I remember the day I did this job, I had another evening appointment for Mimmie's wedding reception at Atlantis.
Needless to say, I was in a budget timezone. LOL!
Anyways this would be my 2nd time to makeover Mandy who happens to be one of my favourite models!
Here are her before & after pics with my touch :
Anyway to begin the story, Cassandra Patrick was in charge of this editorial shoot for Breeze's March issue and filled me up on the important details regarding the hair & makeup via email.
She said she wanted an elegant beauty look with golden highlight so I created Mandy's look below based on that.
For eyes I gave her a smoky bronze & gold eye finish using Duo Carat from KATE accentuated with heavy top lash & brown liner for the lower eyes.
The whole looks was kept luminous and sheer to give that golden glow.
Cheeks were blush with my latest buy from m.a.c - Mineralize skin degrade in Blonde which is of a beautiful pinkish highlighting texture.
Lips was then finished off with L'oreal's Glam Shine for that muted effect.
As for her hairdo, I was instructed to do an effortless but elegant look.
So I curled Mandy's locks with a curling thong and loosely gathered them into the back for that romantic feel.
Finally, a mist of hairspray to set the look.

Behind the scenes of the shoot
Another look at Mandy before hairdo
Can't wait to see the results in Breeze coming out soon!!

Credits to those involved in this shoot :
Cassandra Patrick for the Art Direction,
Jason B for Styling,
Wardrobe from Olumis Borneo Batik,
Photography by Arthur Lee
and most important of all -
Hair & Makeup by Jeffie Jeff