December Bridal Makeups

Hello peeps!
This is a follow-up to all my december brides that I missed out due to my oh-so-busy schedule.
I made a slight improvement in my editing thanks to Mr.Jeffery Jason .
So BIG thanks to him for teaching me online! See if you can spot the diffrence!Enjoy!

~ 12 & 13th December 2008 ~
My second bride for the month was Miss Senarti who had her Malam Berinai ceremony on the 12th night of December.
For her look I did a natural makeover to suit her grey lace & satin outfit.
Her are her before & after pics :
As you can see, her makeup was kept to a softened effect to give her that innocent look
& I tried my best to conceal her uneven skin tone & texture.
Lips were kept to a nude yet glossy tone to give emphasis to her eyes.
As for her second look on the 13th, I decided to use warmer colours to give radiance to her look.
As usual I focused more on here eyes & had to exert double effort into helping her achieve that flawless finish.
Overall she was happy with her transformation thanks to me & a little help from colored lenses!

~ 21st December 2008 ~

This was a bride recommended by my friend Anne Soffie.
The bride was a primary school teacher based in West Malaysia together with her husband.
This makeup was for her evening reception in Sembulan &
here are her before and after shots:
As the makeup was intended for the evening, I opted for darker shades &
enhanced her skin tone to make her look fairer.
After all a personal request from the bride.
I used Revlon's face prep to smoothen her skin & continued her foundation using m.a.c NC32.
Her base was then set with loose powder.
For her lids I went with colors to compliment her outfit & used a metallic silver for her lids.
Lips were colored with a soft apricot peachy tone & blushed using Body Shop bronzer.
Her hair was set into a high crown & curled her the bangs to give her face shape.
The look was finished off with hair extentions.
A shot with the bride before heading home after a tired day!