Bridal Makeup for Nikah, Berinai & Sanding Reception

December was a busy time for me & had no time to update my bridal works for my blog.
Any how I am still keeping my promise to posts all my work as requested by my beloved clients.
This was one of my work for Ana who had her engagement ceremony on :
~ 2nd December 2008 ~
Here she is before makeup at her residence in Kepayan Ridge :
For her engagement I just went with the simple & clean look,
focusing more on soft radiant skin & a natural finish.
~ 3rd December 2008 ~
Her wedding reception was held at the Dewan PPS, Sembulan as early as 10am which lasted till 5 in the evening!
Here she is all dolled up for her 'berinai' ceremony.
The bridal boutique actually sent the wrong dress so we just had to make do with what we had.

Focus as always, evolved around intensive eye shadow, heavy liner, the works!
She wore a reddish tone which meant I had to 'up' the lipcolor to compliment her look.
It was indeed a challenge to keep her looking refined without over doing it because
not everyone can carry red well!
Moving on to her next change for her 'sanding' ceremony, blue was all the rage!
You know I never liked blue makeup on anyone unless required & this was inevitable ;)
So I tried to work my way through & gave her a more lush lipcolor & a change of eyes shadow.
Some may think this might be over the top for a bride but it all depends on lighting really.
In reality, it doesn't look this harsh but only when captured in film from a close distance.
All in all I am still satisfied that her complexion was ever so radiant & stood throughout the entire ceremonies. That' s why we pay for expensive products for better quality makeup!
Anyways here she is with me above & below again with her youthful looking husband!