Makeup for Hair Show Models

~20th December 2008 ~
One unexpected afternoon, I was given the opportunity to work with one of Malaysia's top hair dressers, Alan Inspiration Salon which operates in Komplex Asia City.
They did a hair show during the Sabah's Supermodel & Manhunk competition held at 1 Borneo Grand Ballroom. If you were there, you would have seen it.
All in all they had 12 models for 3 categories including haircut, high-hair & avant garde.
Here are the collection of pics taken from various photographers during the event.
:: Haircut Models ::
Basically they wanted a very fierce dramatic look as their stage personalities were predators!
Color selection was done by the artistic director of Alan Salon & I did my best to deliver the desired look. As for makeup items I do not recall as they had their own products which I HAD to use.
:: Avant Garde Hair Models ::
Finally after years in this line, I get the opportunity to express my artistic works.
As usual color & concept selection is from Alan Salon & I did my best to deliver the looks on 12 of their models. Here are the pics of me & the models Maria & Grace Kho.
Thanks John & Gerry Kong for the professional pictures! Visit for more details.