~** Happy New Year **~

Happy New Year guys!
I'm so excited that I have so much in store for you this year.
To kick off this year with a blast, behold my January Makeover:
[ Happy & Funky 2009 ! ]
The inspiration for this shoot was actually from the colorful graffiti behind the
HSBC building in downtown KK.
The theme I chose was lady gaga/back to the 80's/neon colour glam.
I wanted a young, fresh and funky vibe for the shoot and here is the outcome.
The model is Moiey, my co-dancer & photographed by DorisJ.
Here she is before & after :
To start off, I simply gave her a fresh & luminecent base to enhance her already perfect skin.
I then laid on several layers of yellow eyshadow blended with orange & red inspired from the location's sunset grafitti.
After achieving the desired tone, I then proceeded to put my lay my theme-inspired artwork on the face to give her that 80's funky edge.
Her face was then finished off with m.a.c's sheertone blush in DOllymix & pinkish lip color to compliment her outfit.
A final pose before hitting our location :
And here goes some pics from the shoot, absolutely FAB & within what I imagined :
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Special Thanks : Moiey D Maurice ( Model ) Doris J ( www.photographbydorisj.blogspot.com ) Location : Old Administration Building, Kota Kinabalu