My Bride of the Year

~ November 29th 2008 ~
Align CenterThis is the 2nd installment of the Fanny & Willson Wedding affair.
It's true that you can't please everybody to like your work.
But I'm glad that when it's between me & my client, I give my best hand forward
& they really love it! That's what matters most!
Since Fanny is my Bride of the Year, I am posting Fanny's before & after pics taken by me & ex-classmate Willbrord to show you that makeup can do lots of wonders.
Here she is before her makeup :
Me setting her hair before doing her base.
To achieve this look, I used m.a.c's full coverage foundation in NC30 to give her an even finish.
Her foundation was then set with pressed powder to give her a lasting base.
A random shot of my eyeshadow collection.
Since she was a personal fan of my doll eye technique, for her eyes I focused more on big, accentuated & volume.
Personally I love sheer & pale lips versus n heavy eye but I gave her a much darker tone as requested.
For her blush I used m.a.c's sheertone blush in Margin topped off with a sweep of bronze from Bodyshop's shimmer beads.
After 2 hours & a messy table full of my stuff, here comes the bride!
A closer view :
I love it! I love it! I love it! Need I say more?
The happy couple awaiting the guests to arrive.