Bridal Makeup for Morning Mass

~ 29th November 2008 ~
November was indeed one of the busiest months of the year.
It seemed that everyone wanted to get married as soon as Puasa was over.
Anyways, after several months of planning & decision making,
it was time for my new friend Fanny to tie the knot ' Wedding of the year' style!
Here is she before and after :
Well frankly speaking the pic above isn't a fully done makeup
but I 'd just like to share with you the progress of her transition.
From uneven to flawless.
Naturally she had very fair skin so my job was just to deliver glowing
complextion & big eyes plus full lips.
Since the light in room was insufficient, I had to use natural sunlight to give me a better view during my entire work process.
Basically, her base & blush from m.a.c & eyeshadow from KATE. I decided to apply a subtle smoky technique using earth toned colors to give her that warm natural finish.
Eyes were finished off with medium volume lashes &
a neutral lipstick in mauve to compliment her entire look.
Her shoulder length bob was pulled back into an inverse bun to keep things neat since she'd be wearing a personalized veil decorated with lace fringe & scattered with over 350 Swarovski crystals.
Here she is arriving at the Church of Mary Immaculate, Bukit Padang with her fabulous
bouquet that I absolutely adore!
Here another closeup before she walks down the isle.
With the blushing bride - Fanny.

After her Wedding mass, we then proceed back to her residence for a quick hair change as she had a luncheon or her guests at Ocean Seafood.
Behind the scenes
She looks lovely no matter how I did her hair.
It was a simple do with some floral accessorising!
Indeed it was a busy morning and there is soon to be more later in the evening.

~ To be continued ~