Bridal Makeup for Reception @ Promenade Hotel

~ 23rd November, 2008 - evening reception ~
As promised this is the highly awaited follow up to my previous post
featuring the lovely Ms. Marina Chelle Abu Bakar.
For the benefit of all, this is her again prior to her evening makeup :
During her makeover :
For her evening look I wanted to give her a sexy smoky eye & nude glossy lips knowing Marina wanting to always look beautiful without over doing it.
So basically I focused more on here eyes, giving it the intensity it needed.
For here eyes I did a ivory base from Elianto then worked my way with Carbon from m.a.c & continued blending with Dual Carat eyeshadow from KATE.
Here she is half way done and doesn't she look absolutely fab?
I am happy with the look as I never expected that her look would be this amazing.
However I still had to set her hair before finishing the last touches.
For her hair I just did a simple up-do and curled the ends of her hair with a hot iron as she wanted some volume & curls on her big night.
After setting her locks with spray, I then decorated here hair with a nice piece of accessory provided by her bridal boutique.
Finishing off her look, I did a simple lips colour in natural pink and topped it off with clear gloss.
And here is Marina with her final look!
Absoulutely fabulous!! Lover her in lovely gown and her 12 feet veil !
And here she is with her hubby during the reception
If you think that was all, the show's not over yet.
For her 2nd change I had to do a little touch-up to match her outfit for the night.
Just a little more blush & a darker lip colour to be exact!
The couple at their cake cutting ceremony
Happily dancing the night away.
Special Thanks to Edrie of Shakaborneo for providing additional pics for my blog.
Great shots of the bride! Shakaborneo was Toemoe & Marina's official photographer.
You may visit their blog at for more info.