~Diva Edition~

Raya was indeed a rather quiet month for me
which gave me the opportunity to expand my skills & discover new tricks.
To put my imagination into good use, I decided to give my close friend Anenga farewell gift before going to Dubai after raya.
I previously did her makeup a few years back and decided to give her a much different look.
Here is Aneng in her usual daily self :
After a rather more than usual time perfecting her blemishes & breakouts,
here are the pics of her first look :
** Luxury Diva **
Followers of my work would have already known the standard products used.
Alternatively, you may find out more about my stuff in my older archives tagged under 'products'.
Additional products used for this shoot is M.a.c's Shimmer Blush in 'Margin', which gives her that glowing tan on her cheeks. Hair was teased to give volume and set with hairspray.
Moving on to her 2nd look which was in heavy reference to the 1920's era :
** Vintage Diva **
Aneng's final look was given a more futuristic & edgy look.
I wanted a more surreal & avant garde touch to her face and focused more on her eyes while keeping the rest of her face bare.
Lips were kept to a subtle matte with a touch of bronze on her high cheeks to draw more attention to the upper part of her face.
Behold the :
** Futuristic Diva**