MOdel Makeover

24th August 2008
Martha is an aspiring model. Standing at 5'7, she currently is still a secondary school student.
She was a fresh talent who happens to be one of my dance student and needed pictures for her start-up portfolio. All together I have created 3 looks for her portfolio starting off with a natural beauty shoot.
Her natural shot was simply neutral and maintained to highlight her features. Makeup was definitely kept minimal with earth tones in focus to give her already sallow skin warm contrast.
As for he second look, I decided to channel a more Victorian inspired feel to give her a more avant garde look. Eyes were set to a more smokier brown and lush lashes. The overall look was finished off with some vintage items which i personally collected for styling shoots.
Finally for her last look, I decided to go over the top and give her a more dramatic feel. Inspired by the greenery around my house, I opted for a more artistic approach to beauty.
Behold my latest creation :