here comes the GLAM!

The ladies down at Affin Bank had their annual dinner recently and i had the opportunity for some more makeover glam! Here are some before & after pics..enjoy!

Ms. Datin wanted a more natural look, so i decided to go keep everything simple and muted.
AFter layers of shading to slim down her features and an moderately-intense eye, here comes the result...

I had about 5 makeovers which began at 2pm and ended at 7pm nonstop~Talk about work!
Anyways, next is ultimate fabulousity..How i wish that every woman was as open to experimentation as her. People, rise and behold :
Queen Rose ......
Utterly Glam! Need i say more? Not every girl wants to wear a nude lip & glittered lids.
Her base was m.a.c NC30 hyper real foundation & eyeshadows from elianto. Flared lashes & silver glitter for the lids. And God does she loved to get dolled-up!
striking her fab-glam-esque~