A Weekend Affair

While everybody was busy celebrating Merdeka, I was booked for a 2 day marriage affair in Penampang. Tending the groom's family & relatives who wanted to look their best while trying not to over-shine the bride!

To begin with, I had
the mother of the groom..
Despite her age, I tried my best to freshen up her look without making her look overly done. Skin was concealed with mac's Full Coverage Foundation to disguise fine lines & reveal a more youthful glow. Her brows were retained to its original curve and lips given a more fuller shape.

Another Family RelativeIt isn't super perfect but then again I had ture that I had enhanced her features and toned down her flaws which mainly was her over exposed skiIt isn't super perfect but then again I had to make sure that I had enhanced her features and toned down her flaws which mainly was her over exposed skin by the environment. As well as ensuring what the customer wanted.

This bubbly gal kept me entertained throughout my work and didn't feel so stressed out even though it was practically a race of one girl after the other! For her day look at the church mass, I decided to give her a clean look of barely there makeup and lucious lips. Hair was pulled back into a neat bun to compliment her dress.For her evening look at the dinner reception, I decided to give her eyes more punch as well as ephasising on more blush for that glamourous feel. Initially I had false lashes added but she decided to go with her own. Her before oily and breakout-prone skin was concealed with m.a.c's concealer and finished off with foundation & loose powder.

This young and sweet person is a good example of using your natural beauty without putting too much makeup. We both agreed on the same concept. Her makeup was indeed minimal! If you notice there is that veil of glow on her face and I assure you its not oily! Remember oilyness is next to uglyness!! After setting her base, instead of pressed powder I used the latest trend to hit our shores : Mineral Makeup! The one used on both Fransisca & Jen is from my beloved m.a.c Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which goes on smoothly and builds up slightly upon reapplication. I wouldn't recommend this on a hot day as it tends to make oily skin grease up in humid temperature.However for a morning mass at a church, mineralize your way to that natural & fresh like glow! You won't regret it coz I told u earlier :)