Makeup for 1st Heat - Miss Oriental 2009

Hello again! Sorry for the late post, I have been swamped with so many jobs recently that had been unable to update my blog.
Anyway to kick things off, here is my entry for the preview round of the Miss Oriental 2009 organized by D Junction Fun Pub on the 23rd of January.
Kim is my close as well as long lost childhood friend. The last time I saw her was about 15 years ago & I recently re-united with her after joining up with Bodycare Studio late last August.
Anyway, Kim was never into pageants and this is her 1st and only experience.
But with enough encouragement she finally decided to give it a try.
Here are her before and after shots :
This was also my 1st experience in a pageant and it was both tough and stressful being surrounded by the other senior and professional makeup artist & hairstylist. There were 4 categories up for grabs as well but that didn't matter to me coz at that point, I knew my only mission was to do my best for Kim to look her best.
To make things worse, all makeup artists were to use L'Oreal products which was a major sponsor for the event. So it was kind of difficult when I've got so used to my own stuff and especially m.a.c!
Some exclusive behind the scenes footage taken by various talented photographers in KK. Thanks guys for the pics!
Going back to the competition, 1st round the contestants had to parade Harajuku outfits from one of the sponsor & Kim was lucky to have the Cute Lolita outfit! Other contestants wore Lolita Maid & Gothic.
Kim strutting her stuff onstage :
Next round was elegant wear sponsored by Sueno Ninas which is owned by my friends Azean & Sasha Samilee. Click on HERE to see more of their exclusive outfits!
Finally for the last round, the contestants were required to parade a modern cheong sam.
This dress that Kim wore was an outstanding piece specially created & designed by my designer friend Beatrice Pong!
She was also the one who created Mandy dress in my last Blog feature.
More onstage shots by KK's top photographers!
Wishing her all the best for the Semi Finals! Go Kim Stan!