experience / education

My experience as a makeup artist began few years back while being attached to a local events company. I have been involved in dance arts & production for about 7 years now. During that period, it has been part of my job description to choreograph dances, design & manufacture the costumes as well creating the performers’ stage look.

I have always had a fascination towards groomed beauty and began landing bookings through my works which the public saw during some of the performances. My experience was met through trial and error which has played an important part in my learning process thus enhancing my skills none imaginable than before.

I have learnt that you have to have the right products to achieve the desired looks and you should never compromise quality. I have also learnt that you have to have the right makeup tools which can make or break your work.

To keep my works current, I also like to do a lot of research online and learn about new products & techniques while capturing the essence of different looks. I don’t believe in copying because I believe that I do have my own style.

My biggest breakthrough so far would be winning 1st place for the Bodyshop Makeup Competition during November last year ( 2007 ). It was held to launch their latest autumn/winter collection and I submitted my piece – “ Tropical Winter” which was inspired by our warm Malaysian weather during the year’s end months. My model was decked in faux-fur, feathers & bird’s nest inspired hair extensions. Gold and bronze accessories were used to accentuate the look.

Passion has always kept me motivated and beauty will always keep me inspired. To date, my list of clientele has included dancers, brides, pageant contestants, models as well as referrals.

( artistic tatoo for one model )